latemodelsportsman:Ever wonder what a ‘70s Chevy Laguna with…


Ever wonder what a ‘70s Chevy Laguna with ‘80s Monte Carlo front and rear clips painted like a ’90s Lumina from a movie looks like? Well here ya’ go.

I know it’s satire, but The Onion is really on point here:

NASCAR Unveils New ‘Car Of Yesterday’

“This is exactly what everyone from race teams to race fans wanted all along—a real American race car,” said Robby Gordon, standing in front of the Jim Beam ’77 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme he will drive for the rest of the season. “To hell with things like spoilers, adjustable suspensions, disc brakes, shoulder belts, all that junk. People want to see us racing the cars they drive every day, and anyone who’s seen the parking lot at a NASCAR race will tell you that’s what the Car of Yesterday gives them.”