Ford Cancels The Fusion’s Redesign Because No …

Ford Cancels The Fusion’s Redesign Because No One Gives A Shit About Sedans Anymore:

Another sign that Ford might finally concede and run a “Mustang” in the Cup series. Honestly, I never liked the Fusion in road form. Same goes for the Camry and whatever Chevy and Dodge slapped on the noses of their race cars. The street versions are boring cars.

 Mid-size sedan sales are tanking, much like the luxury two-door coupes of the ‘70s and 80s did, too. Car companies with a vested interest in selling cars and advertising them in NASCAR need to have actual exciting products, not just big vinyl decals slapped on bulging fenders. It seems the only American manufacturer doing this has no interest in NASCAR (looking at you, Dodge Hellcats). 

As far as sedans go, I think the Taurus is a good looking car. Same goes for the Charger. Still, I think the major manufacturers should pony up in Cup. Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, and a sports sedan from Toyota (though the 86 is cool as heck). This year’s Camaro is a bastardization and I fear a Cup Mustang would be equally bad. I mean, it looks cool, but much like the Camry and Fusion, it bears no lineage to the street version beyond some vinyl decals. I’m not buying it for a second. Neither are the public. Fusion sales are awful, much like the rest of the sedan market. Toyota has the Avalon, Ford the Taurus, and Chevy the Malibu with fancy trims for the old folks. Meanwhile, the Camry, Fusion, and SS are supposed to be the sporterized sedans. Meh. Besides the SS (RIP) and now this Camaro, they’re all ho-hum, front wheel drive, 4 cylinder bubbles of planned obsolescence. 

Can we please get back to something seemingly stock? I mean, I’d love to see how long a near-stock Camry, Fusion or Camaro would manage any of the speedways on the Cup Circuit for 500 miles. You know what would make for an incredible All-Star event? Send ‘em all out to run the Roval in bone stock sedans.