Congrats Chevy. You slapped a new nose on last…

Congrats Chevy. You slapped a new nose on last year’s car and took off the gaudy faux door vents. Looks like they’ll slap a decal on the backseat window to at least give the impression that it is smaller. Maybe we can call this thing a Cuparo rather than Camaro? 

I’d like to see an overlay similar to the track to Showroom graphic from a few years back. There’s low level chat that Chevy sucked in ‘17 because they were throwing themselves into R&D with the new car and that they’ll mop the floor in ‘18. I seriously doubt it, but I’d like to be proven wrong. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think the finished product looks good, but it’s just more lipstick on a hog farm to be honest. If they want a sedan series as the top series, run the Taurus, Avalon, and Malibu. There’s nothing cooler to be found in a Fusion, Camry, or SS. If they want a coupe series, run the Mustang, a Solara replacement, and the Camaro. 

These full size race car versions of mid-size sedans and coupes is a joke. It is manufacturers and NASCAR dicking around and being lazy. Nothing will change unless folks call them out on it.