NASCAR Just Made Its New Road Course-Oval Trac…

NASCAR Just Made Its New Road Course-Oval Track Layout A Lot Less Cool:

Boo. They took out the only potentially exciting part of the Roval. That little red rocket of a twist was a great transition coming down over the hump and going back over where the dump (and a sinkhole that swallowed a tow truck during the first ever NASCAR event held at CMS) is buried. That elevation change was the only thing that set this Roval apart from the club day infield courses at other cookie-cutter tracks. If I had my way (and probably the way of many fans), NASCAR would just run at Road Atlanta- a fantastic and storied, high speed road course with awesome elevation changes, and plenty of room for Cup level accommodations. I mean, they host SCCA, Trans-Am, and LeMans for crying out loud. It’d be a win-win for both organizations (plus it’s like 30 minutes from my house).

1. I’m happy there’s a new “road course” on the schedule, but- 

2. This layout was dubious from the get-go. Like, where are these guys going to be able to pass? Unless they re-gear, they’re going to be on the gearbox nearly all the way around the track.