latemodelsportsman: Yeah so…. We did the oh so…


Yeah so…. We did the oh so frugal $40 infield special. Upon entering the gate Sunday morning, an older fellow with his teenage daughter approached us. He pointed at kiddo’s Logano t-shirt and said “he’s my favorite too! Here, have these.” And he gave us two tickets to the suites in the Rolex tower at the start finish line. We ascended the escalators from L1 to L4, passed through security check and were ushered into the Rolex tower where we had cool air conditioning, comfy couches, tons of TVs, an open bar and three catering options. I stuffed myself with free prime rib as we dined on the terrace overlooking the start finish line. I’ll tell ya’, it’s really nice to be able to see all the way around the speedway. Not sure if it’s $300 nice, but it was pretty spiffy.

That’s the guy and his daughter in the background of one pic. He said he had two other kids who came on Saturday but were unable to attend the Sunday delayed race, he saw us walk in and spotted the Logano shirt and decided to make our day. He certainly did!

My dad always said “you meet the nicest people at the races.” The whole experience reminded me of my last trek to Daytona back in 1994. My dad took me for the Goody’s 300 and the Daytona 500. All we had were a pair of infield passes. He met a guy who worked for Busch Beer who gave us pit passes for the Busch race. We sat atop Dale Earnhardt’s pit box for the Busch race, which Dale won. A waitress, who kept me cool with free Sprites all race long slipped me a victory lane wristband. A short while later, I found my twelve year old self standing mere feet from Dale Earnhardt in Victory Lane at Daytona Speedway.

I think the key to surprise perks is this: have a cute kid by your side.

One year ago we were sitting atop DIS watching Penske win the Clash. Let’s go #12!