A Quick Note

I started this blog about six years ago as a place to collect images, share stories,  and document my own experience growing up with NASCAR. I’d grown tired of the Facebook comments and flame wars in online forums. I came here and found a place among other fans where the experience was entirely civil. I was thankful to see LGBTQ and neurodivergent racing fans among the ranks of followers here. I always assumed NASCAR fandom was more diverse than the good ol’ boy stereotype attached to the sport (there’s still plenty of y’all here, too). So I’d like to say thanks for sticking around and following this sporadic blog of awful silly season theories, occasionally relevant stories, images of days gone by, and my own experiences at the track.

Now, for some house cleaning. When new folks follow this blog, I make it a point to check out their blogs. While I might not agree with everything you post on your own personal blog,  I mind my own business. Unfortunately, I recently started seeing Nazi iconography, anti-LGBTQ memes and violent, Nationalist rhetoric in many blogs. I draw the line here. I went through and blocked nearly 300 blogs tonight. Sure, there are easy ways around the block, but I want it to be known that you are not welcome here if you hold hate in your heart for other human beings. I’ll save the political soapboxing for another day, but know that the world is larger than your own experiences. Community means stepping beyond comfort zones. But there is Never EVER room for Fascists here.