Calling all NASCAR fans


A good archivist knows when it’s time to call on experts for assistance in identifying footage. All you #NASCAR fans who read this blog (??) please chime in.

We have some Kodachrome home movies shot some time between 1951 and 1954 depicting either one or two stock car races in the South. I’ve looked at a variety of racing websites, trying to find photos of this track/these tracks but just can’t tell. The outstanding features are a tall water tower, a round building, and the stands. Surely someone can i.d. the track by photo #1.

The race(s) included Herb Thomas in #92 the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, and Speedy Morelock driving #59; an Aycock Motor Co. of Forsyth, GA, car, painted by King Neon Sign Co. Other numbered cars are: #3 (a Studebaker?), #72 (dark blue and light blue), #8, #93, #22 (another Hornet), and #23. In what appears to be a different race, we have #157 from Hudson of Jacksonville, #59 Speedy Morelock again, #74, #281, and #42, Lee Petty of Greensboro, NC (father of Richard Petty).

Another clue is that it was a rainy day at the clay track and these guys were driving with muddy windshields, though I assume there were a lot of races like that.

Y’all! This is right down our ally! Help them out as best you can!