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NASCAR Photosets: Hendrick Motorsports + Atlanta paint schemes

NASCAR Photosets: Hendrick Motorsports + cars for 2018 Daytona 500

Congrats Chevy. You slapped a new nose on last year’s car and took off the gaudy faux door vents. Looks like they’ll slap a decal on the backseat window to at least give the impression that it is smaller. Maybe we can call this thing a Cuparo rather than Camaro? 

I’d like to see an overlay similar to the track to Showroom graphic from a few years back. There’s low level chat that Chevy sucked in ‘17 because they were throwing themselves into R&D with the new car and that they’ll mop the floor in ‘18. I seriously doubt it, but I’d like to be proven wrong. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think the finished product looks good, but it’s just more lipstick on a hog farm to be honest. If they want a sedan series as the top series, run the Taurus, Avalon, and Malibu. There’s nothing cooler to be found in a Fusion, Camry, or SS. If they want a coupe series, run the Mustang, a Solara replacement, and the Camaro. 

These full size race car versions of mid-size sedans and coupes is a joke. It is manufacturers and NASCAR dicking around and being lazy. Nothing will change unless folks call them out on it.

NASCAR on Reddit: News from the oval • r/NASCAR:

NASCAR Reddit is having a ball with Chase Elliott’s #24 spoiler “innovation” at Chicago. 1) It’s incredible that they thought to do this. 2) It’s incredible they got away with it. 3) Who else is doing this in the garage? 4) Will NASCAR make a ruling about adding tape to spoilers? 5) If this is the box NASCAR has backed teams into, then we need some serious overhaul on the importance of aero dependency in stock car racing.

I started rooting for Brad back when he drove for JR Motorsports. I loved his style behind the wheel and how he didn’t take any crap from the Cup boys.

I’ve always liked Joey Logano… and I contend to this day that leaving Joe Gibbs Racing was the best thing to ever happen to him.

Come on, who doesn’t like Awesome Chase from the Same Place (kids, ask your dad what that means)?

Daniel Suarez is one hell of a wheelman; I’m convinced he’s gonna be one of NASCAR’s biggest stars come three years’ time.

Back in 2008, I started making an effort to start latching myself onto younger, up-and-coming drivers. Why?

Well… between Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, and now Dale Earnhardt Jr., we’re at that point the sport has always faced where the “old guard” starts stepping aside.

I miss seeing Gordon and Stewart race, and I’m gonna miss Junior, but based solely on the talent emerging in the Cup Series and coming up through the ranks elsewhere, I think NASCAR will be just fine.

This is part of why I love watching the Camping World Truck and Xfinity Series; aside from just being awesome series (and more racing!), you get to see who’s waiting in the wings, and you can find the next generation of drivers to root for… because your Cup favorite won’t be racing forever.