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Hello all! This is Alexia speaking (@flowersforraven).

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts on the past months. We all get to the point in which we don’t have time for anything. I came to that point. The good news is: it’s over! I graduated! Now that stability knocked my door I am free to give the proper attention to this blog.

I am so pumped for this year’s season. A lot will happen this year and I don’t wanna miss it. And I bet you don’t either. I would love to return with some of our oldest sections, like “Our Favorite Paint Schemes” and “NASCAR Photosets”.

But as you know, a blog is nothing without its followers, so please feel free to send suggestions, requests, questions, commentaries, or maybe just fanmail, in our ask box. It is always open and (as long as Tumblr shows us the notification) I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

That’s it. A text post in a photo blog to say thank you to you, the most important piece in this blog!

Hi, guys! Leticia (@thirteenbutterflies) here.

You may have noticed that this tumblr was a bit off during the end of last season and the following break. We want to apologize so much for that! Many factors blended together for us to be this absent, including the fact that we are both grad students with lots of uni stuff, workers with little free time AND last but not least important, we are both Brazilians whose TV channels sometimes don’t show the races live, and we try very hard to avoid spoilers!

What I came here to say is that we are back! First of all, we want to thank all our followers for being so supportive and sticking with us, even though we went months without new content. You guys are super duper incredible ♥♥♥

Second, I’m planning on bringing some of the old stuff back; examples are the “Our Favorite Paint Schemes” and “NASCAR Gifset” sections (as I LOVE MAKING GIFS). For that, we’ll love some suggestions! Just pop up by our ask and say what you want to see put in gifs, or if you think a certain paint scheme was astonishing. We’ll try our best to answer you all and to make the best content possible.

You guys can always send us questions, commentaries, fanmail, suggestions and submissions. We try to make this blog as democratic as possible, trying to please all fanbases, drivers and crews.

Thanks again! Have a beautiful week ^_^